Being Grateful Makes You Healthier

Of course it’s important to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, drink water, take supplements, get enough sleep and exercise, but that’s not all that contributes to having good health.

If we are constantly stressed, unappreciative, and irritated, we can weaken the immune system, increase blood pressure, and feel depressed. Our brain health and mindset affect our bodies so it’s important to have a practice of positivity and gratitude each day.

What is gratitude? Gratitude is the act of being thankful for who and what we have in our lives. When we consistently focus on being grateful and showing our appreciation, our attitude changes for the better.

This is the time of year when we can get easily overwhelmed, anxious, and emotional. Being grateful allows you the chance to take a step back, slow down and appreciate your life and loved ones. The more you practice gratitude, the more present and focused you will be. This is important because we just don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Science has also shown that when we practice gratitude, the production of the neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, increases, which has a similar effect to antidepressants. It can be a simple and natural approach to anxiety!

There are many ways to practice gratitude each day. Find what works for you and notice the difference it makes in your life.

  1. Journal
    Start a gratitude journal. You can begin simply by writing down two or three things you are grateful for that day. It can be having a roof over your head and warm water or describing a specific situation that made you feel grateful.

  2. Show Appreciation
    If you are grateful for someone, write them a card or give them a gift. This will make you both feel good and spread positivity around. There’s nothing like being told thank you since so many people feel under-appreciated nowadays.

  3. Help Someone
    If you have a loved one who is feeling stressed or going through health issues, set time aside to offer them help. You can make them dinner or run some of their errands. It will make both of you feel purposeful and valued.

  4. Social Media Post
    You can always take your gratitude over to social media and post a photo and description of what you are grateful for currently. It can be a photo of your dog or a cup of green tea. You will be spreading positive thoughts to others!

You may be surprised that the more gratitude you show in your everyday life, the more good things that come your way. You will also feel healthier because it will increase your energy and motivation.

There are many people who seem to have it all, yet they remain unhappy and unappreciative. On the other hand, there are people who don’t have much, but are grateful even for scraps of food and laughter with family. It is all about perspective and appreciating the little things in life.

“It is not happy people who are grateful. It is grateful people who are happy.”

Shayna Mahoney

Shayna Mahoney is a transformational holistic life coach who is passionate about giving women hope to embrace their anxiety and find peace and power within. She specializes in showing women how to find who they are meant to be, rather than constantly feeling lost and lonely. She combines her background of nutrition, psychology, human development, coaching techniques, sense of humor and personal experience to transform how the mind and body are fully connected. She offers private coaching, retreats, Reiki, articles and HOPE products to relieve anxiety naturally. She lives on Cape Cod, a mile from the beach with her husband, dog and cat.

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